Anybody with a computer knows weird things can happen. What can happen with Microsoft Windows can get kind of frustrating. If you have used your computer for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen a bunch of different errors. Usually it’s not a huge deal but sometimes it can be quite frustrating! One of the newest errors I’ve seen is regarding the Desktop Windows Manager (dwm.exe).

Supposedly, this file is responsible for allowing you to switch between different windows on your computer – specifically with newer versions of windows (Vista, 7, 8). Usually that’s not a problem. However, it can cause tons of slowness and be a complete memory hog when it runs improperly.

Some people have even suggested switching this process off and using a third-party program for window switching. While that may work, it’s not highly recommended. Any default application should be used instead of an alternative whenever possible, as third-party software can have malicious software or installs attached with it. This is the method many companies use to install scareware, viruses, and other types of dangerous software onto a bunch of computers.

If you are experiencing the error, it may be worthwhile to simply restart your system. Additionally, other solutions include switching your theme to something basic instead of the bells and whistles version. Either way, those are possible solutions that may help in the short term.

While the dwm process isn’t incredibly hard to disable, it’s really not suggested by many experts to be disabled. Some sites talk about the dwm.exe file as being required for your computer to run smoothly. Because of the nature of the file itself, you probably should not removed the Desktop Windows Manager file. If you were to remove dwm.exe, it could cause more issues than anything.

At the same time, if you think you have a computer virus, you should definitely take action and have it removed as quickly as you possibly can. Viruses are definitely something to mess around with by any means. For more information, you can read through a lot of the articles at for help with your computer. They have information about anti virus products, malware prevention, tips for optimizing your computer, and more.

Hopefully this short post helped you with your problem. It’s so annoying to get any kind of error, especially if it’s also happening when your computer is running more slowly than normal. Stay tuned for additional updates and great information.